3.7m Stationary Small Scissor Lift Platform with safety enclosure

Customer’s Background

As a professional lifting platform manufacturer, we contacted Mr. B in June 2021.Mr. B is from an engineering company,located at Portugal.He is mainly responsible for the procurement of hydraulic lifting equipment such as scissor platforms and cargo lifting platforms.

Since June last year, B began to inquire our company for several projects, including cabin type home lift, stationary scissor lift, cargo lift tables, but due to the impact of the Covid Situation, the overall market situation is not very good, unfortunately we have not Cooperation.

Among them, there was a problem with the cargo lifting platform of Mr. B’s previous project, and our technicians helped solve it through video guidance, thus increasing the trust in our company.

Customer’s Requirements details

In February this year, the customer has a small stationary scissor lift project. This scissor lift platform is used to replace steps because the old people is very hard for these steps barriers.

Installation Location

End user’s old steps.

Scissor Lift Platform with safety enclosure CAD Design

We work out a lift design quickly according to the site picuture and sizes.Due to the long-term understanding of our company, the customer confirmed the price and the scissor lift table design within a week.

Production Prgresss and testing

Do you want to see the scissor lift platform testing video?

Customer Feedback

As for the 3.7m Stationary Small Scissor Lift Platform with safety enclosure,our customer installed this lift table very easily  according to our installation instructions.As a result,the disabled people solved the steps barriers problem.Please find the Scissor Lift with safety enclosure feedback as follows:

Do you or your family have any steps barriers problems?If yes,just contact us!We’d like to provide a suggestion and design according to your site.

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