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We manufacture wide range of hydraulic scissor lift tables and platforms within our state of the art facility, ensuring a premium product to all our customers. Offering the option to customize standard hydraulic platform lifts or a fully bespoke solution to suit your requirements, you can be sure to find the right solution for the task in hand.

Full Range of Scissor Lifts

Car Lift Platforms

Creating innovative, functional, and unique car lift solutions for any residential space and application.
Double Deck Car Scissor Lift
Double Platform for Limited Space
Double Structure Big Platform Scissor Lift
Forklift Scissor Lift Table
Hidden Double Deck Garage Scissor Lift
High Level Car Scissor Lift Outdoor

 Goods Scissor Lift Tables 

 Lift goods safely to high level areas with our customize hydraulic platform lifts.
Customised Goods Scissor Table Lift
Double Horizontal Lifting Table
High Level Scissor Lift with Post
Scissor Lift with Loading Ramp
Loading Dock Lift
Double Scissor Lift Platform

 Varies Scissor Lift Designs

 Deliver standard,modified or bespoke mezzanine lifts/goods lifts to suit all budgets and requirements.

Bigger Platform Size Scissor Lift
Caged Scissor Lift
Mobile Scissor Lift Platform
Scissor Lift with Safety Enclosure
Stationary Scissor Lift with Safety Mesh
Turntable Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift Table Models


Load Capacity

Lifting Height

Platform Size

























































Note:Load capacity,lifting height,platform size,voltage all can be customized

Scissor Lift Details

We specialize in various range of mezzanine goods lifts, perfectly suited to both commercial and industrial applications. With over 10 years of experience within the lifting platforms industry, our expert team are on hand to ensure that your business benefits from the highest performance, reliable, most cost-effective lift solution.We always believe product renowned for quality and attention to detail,so the smallest of technical details can affect a project, therour expert teams are always focus anythings.You will see more details as follows:

Anti-Skid Surface

Avoid goods or people slipping from the platform.

Enough Free Spare Parts

Hydraulic oil seals,travel switches, bolts and so on.

(Mute)Pump Station For Your Voltage

Famous brand,highly efficient&reliable performance.

PLC Control Box

Safe operation,easy installation&maintenance

Hydraulic oil pipe

Double expanded metal protected,good resistance to oil/water/high pressure

Hydraulic Cylinder

Smooth working performance, heavy workload

Manual Decline Valve

Safe manual emergency descent solution for power off situation

Limit switch

Durable limit switch for lifting height limitations

Lifting holes

Perfect design for fixing the lift in the PIT easily

Display panel

Hierarchical controlling.Available calling from different level of floor

Safe Swing Gate

Standard height 1100mm(support customization),made of high strength rectangular steel tube&wire mesh

Anti-explosion valve

Prevent hydraulic oil leak out if hydraulic pipe fracture.Stop platform immediately from falling down

Other Available Options

Electromagnetic Lock
Mechanical blocking device
Double hydraulic unit
2m perforated sheet fence
Cabin with 2m height
Optical barrier sensor
Overload warning system
Silent pump station
Electric roller shutter door


Strict quality assurance with lifting equipment regulations and CE certification.
Provides convenient access for cargo,suitable for different lift challenges.
Fully BESPOKE service,CAD&3D Drawings always available.

Simple and reliable operation-Lift goods&pallets at the touch of a button!

Heavy load capacity: 200 kg to 50,000 kg.

Famous multifunctional PLC control system.
Quick and easy install  with Installation instructions

Quick Reliable, friendly and helpful service.

Scissor Lift Projects Cases

Home Garage Car Scissor Lift Table in Spain

Lifting height: 3000mm
Load capacity: 3000kg
Platform size: 3000*5500mm

High Height Vehicle Scissor Lift Table in France

Lifting height:4200mm
Load capacity: 3500kg
Platform size: 3500*6000mm

Telescopic Post Double Deck Car Lift

Lifting height:3500mm
Load capacity: 4000kg
Platform size: 2800*5800mm

Goods Scissor lift in Australia

Lifting height: 2940mm
Load capacity: 800kg
Platform size: 1100*1200mm

Materials Loading Scissor lift with Safety Cover

Lifting height:1850mm
Load capacity: 1200kg
Platform size: 1800*2600mm

Warehouse Hydraulic Cargo Scissor lift in Philippines

Lifting height:3250mm
Load capacity: 2200kg
Platform size: 2300*3100mm

What you Need to Know about Scissor Lift

Whether it’s transferring goods within a bustling warehouse, streamlining loading and unloading operations, or facilitating maintenance tasks at elevated heights, Scissor Goods lifts are necessary for your safety and efficiency.

The stationary scissor lifts can be used in-

1.For heavy duty and industrial applications, our scissor lift platforms provide the ideal solution to lifting goods to waist height or between floor levels. Both in door and outdoor are available.

2.Custom indoor and outdoor vehicle lifting solutions for the home or commercial places.Whether you require outdoor car standard scissor lifts or  specialized solutions for heavy capacity,hidden double deck scissor lift with trafficable roof for underground or basement.

We can always make a perfect solution to fit any space for both new and existing buildings.

Here are three main specifications should be taken into account when you want a scissor cargo lift for your job, to ensure the optimal selection for your operational requirements. The main factors to consider are Lifting Capacity, platform size, and Vertical Travel Distance.

1. Lifting Capacity: At the heart of any scissor cargo lift lies its ability to carry substantial loads. These lifts are designed with varying lifting capacities to accommodate diverse material handling needs. From lighter loads suitable for delicate items to heavyweight capabilities for machinery and equipment, scissor cargo lifts are tailored to handle a wide spectrum of cargo with precision.

2. Vertical Travel Distance: Scissor cargo lifts are versatile in their reach. The vertical travel distance, or the extent to which the lift can elevate, varies across different models. Whether you require short lifts for inter-level transfers or extended travel distances for multi-story facilities, these lifts can be customized to meet your specific vertical movement requirements.

3. Platform Size: The size of the lift’s platform plays a pivotal role in determining the types of loads it can accommodate. Manufacturers offer a range of platform dimensions to suit various cargo sizes and shapes. From compact platforms for confined spaces to expansive ones for larger goods, the flexibility in platform size ensures optimal utilization of space and efficiency.

By considering these main specifications—load capacity, platform size, and lifting height—you can make an informed decision when selecting a cargo lift that meets your specific operational needs. Evaluating these factors ensures that you choose a lift that can handle your desired weight loads, accommodate the size of your goods, and reach the necessary vertical distances within your facility.

A scissor cargo lift’s structure is composed of crucial components working in harmony to enable vertical material transport. The base frame forms the foundation, supporting the scissor arms, which extend and retract in a scissor-like manner. The lift platform, affixed to the scissor arms, carries the cargo and moves vertically. The hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric power system drives the scissor mechanism, controlled by a panel or remote. Safety features like guardrails, emergency stop buttons, and overload protection enhance security. Optional stabilizing legs offer extra support when extended, while enclosures protect against environmental elements. Some models incorporate a drive system for improved efficiency. This well-designed structure ensures the scissor cargo lift’s efficacy across diverse industries, from warehouses to manufacturing plants.

Most cities were not designed and built for cars. There is therefore the need to find solutions which allow for reorganizing spaces, preserving the integrity of the architectural traditions and the beauty of natural landscapes. Car lifts revolutionist how we live our space with original and unprecedented ideas and projects compared to normal design standards. The field of application ranges from private villas, condominiums, resorts, production plants and car dealerships.

Choosing a vehicle lift is one of the most important decisions you will make for your building. The lift should be easy to use, reliable, efficient, safe and add value to the property.Let’s take a double deck car lift for your reference:

Sample Project

Lifting capacity 3500kg, with an additional 2000kg of paving on the trafficable roof.

Available floor-to-floor travel of up to 3800mm

Platform size: 6 x 3 m


The Space Saver

Park or Play: One up, One down

Car Lifts provide extra car parking space on the roof of the lift.

When closed two cars can be accommodated. One on the roof and a second parked below on the lift or driving through to a basement garage.



1.Standard scissor lift

2.Heavy capacity & double scissor lifts

3.Trafficable roof



1.Color Customize

2.Galvanized Treatment


Design resources

1.Various customized heights, capacities & speeds

2.Pit & Shaft requirements

3.Remote power unit design


Vehicle Presence Sensors Our unique sensor array protects the user by preventing the lift from rising when objects or people are on the car roof.


Double Scissor Double scissors allow for longer travel height, but a deeper pit is required.

Hydraulic elevators not only have all safety device of the traditional elevator, but also have the special system:

-Spillover valve, it can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up.

-Manual emergency valve, it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when meet an emergency.

-Manual pump, it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when meet an emergency.

-Pipe fracture valve, when the hydraulic system pipe fracture, it can cut down the channel of the oil to stop the falling.

Scissor cargo lift price can vary depending on factors such as load capacity, platform size, lifting height, and additional features. Hydraulic lifts are typically more expensive due to their robust construction and high load capacities. Traction lifts and pneumatic lifts may have varying price ranges based on their specifications and features. It’s advisable to consult with suppliers or manufacturers to get accurate pricing information tailored to your requirements.

Customized Your Scissor Lift Solutions

There are three basic details that will help you get a right quote

Lifting Height

Platform Size

Load Capacity

Once we get the above three important parameters, WIZ lift will provide you a best suitable lifting solutions.

Not sure which solution is the right one for you?

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