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Accessibility Elevators & Lifts

WIZ LIFT provides a wide range of platform lifts that put accessibility and comfort to the forefront. Our platform elevators can be adapted to suit every requirement and application.

Full Range of Accessibility Elevators

Wheelchair Lift Platfrom
Cabin Home Lift
Elegant Home Elevator

Vertical Platform Models

 ModelLoad CapacityLifting HeightPlatform SizeApprox Weight
Note:Load capacity,lifting height,platform size,voltage all can be customized


For Disabilities

-Suitable for home or public places

The wheelchair lifts,also known as a vertical platform lift,it is good for those with disabilities or limited mobility are commonly referred to as porch lifts, as they can provide access to the entry, backyard, and/or front yard of homes and commercial buildings,suitable for indoor and outdoor use.With this perfect,rugged, reliable, safe solution,it can help our family members to over come step barriers.

Ideal for New Construction

-Under 5 floors/Indoor&Outdoor

If you’re in the process of building a new home, WIZ LIFT has a wide range of drive systems for you to choose from. Our residential elevators are designed with your comfort in mind and promise a smooth, reliable, and quiet ride between the floors of your new home.

Ideal for Existing Homes

-Installed in shaft or next to steps

When climbing stairs becomes difficult and unsafe,WIZ LIFT’s innovative line of Home/Villa Lifts can provide you with several options that allow you to continue living in the home that you love. Our popular Home Lifts are practical,cost-effective and easy to maintain.A FREE CAD design is always available for you.

Elevator(Aluminum Alloy) Color Options

The independent frame glass design does not increase the construction cost, has good light transmittance, integrates with the interior decoration, and has good aesthetics;

Installation Spaces

The installation location can be chosen as desired, corrosion-resistant and long service life. Usage conditions industrial grade aluminum alloy, the glass is safety laminated glass.

How is the home lift with auto door working?

Home Lift Details

Hydraulic Oil Pipe

Double expanded metal protected,good resistance to oil/water/high pressure

Hydraulic Cylinder

Smooth working performance,
heavy workload

Leaf Chain

Bear 10 times rated lift weight.With heavy duty features and enduring use-life.

Safety Sensor

Emergency stops if someone going under the lift accidentally.

Manual Down Button

Platform can be lowered by manual down button in case of power failure.

Electromagnetic Lock

Guarantee the safety of operator,lift can work after door closed completely.

Platform Control Panel

Operator can operate the wheelchair lift inside of the platform. It is completely waterproof

Frequency Converter

Ensure cruise SPEED & Landing speed reduction. Smooth operation.

Mute Motor Pump

Adopt silent motor,
Working noise is only 45-50dB.

Limit Switch with CE

European Standard durable limit switch for accurate lifting height limitations

Iron Plates

Easy fixing works between wall structures and lift at different height levels

Free Spare Parts

Enough free spare parts for daily usage.(like Hydraulic oil seals, travel switches,bolts etc.)

Other Available Options

Coded Lock

Optical Barrier

304 Stainless Steel Material

1100mm/ 2000mm Landing Door (manual/automatic)

Automatic Ramp

Customized Color

Home Lift Cases

Vertical Lift Platform in Australia

Lifting height: 2800mm
Load capacity: 250kg
Platform size: 1310*1000mm

Home Elevator in Cambodia

Lifting height:6300mm
Load capacity: 300kg
Platform size: 1430*920mm

Cabin Home Elevator in Korea

Lifting height:3200mm
Load capacity: 300kg
Platform size: 1450*1100mm

Home Elevator in France

Lifting height:7100mm
Load capacity: 400kg
Platform size: 1380*900mm

Elegant Home Lift in Thailand

Lifting height:6000mm
Load capacity: 300kg
Platform size: 1400*1000mm

Stainless Steel Wheelchair Lift in Vietnam

Lifting height:3100mm
Load capacity: 250kg
Platform size: 1300*1100mm

What you Need to Know about Accessibility Elevators & Lifts?

We are proud to offer lift solutions that can help people with disabilities; which can operate in almost any environment – so whether you require an access lift, which can scale ramps or flights of stairs in comfort or a luxury platform lift for either your home or office, we can provide the very best, cost-effective solution.

Accessibility: Wheelchair lifts provide easy access for individuals with mobility impairments, allowing them to navigate different levels in a building.

Safety: Wheelchair lifts are designed with safety features to ensure the safe transport of individuals in wheelchairs.

Convenience: Wheelchair lifts provide a convenient and efficient way for individuals with mobility impairments to move between different levels in a building.

Space-saving: Many wheelchair lifts are designed to take up minimal space, making them a good option for buildings with limited space.

Cost-effective: Wheelchair lifts can be a cost-effective solution for making buildings accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Customization: Wheelchair lifts can be customized to meet specific needs and design requirements, such as lifting height, load capacity, and platform size.

The two most common types of residential elevators are traction (electric) and hydraulic. Though both drive systems offer reliable, smooth elevator service, they do not operate in the same way. Either option is a great choice, but the best one for your home ultimately comes down to your available space and what you’re looking for in a home elevator. 

The safety of a home elevator depends on a variety of factors, including quality, installation, maintenance and use. Here are some key points about home elevator safety:

  1. Quality and design: The design and manufacturing process of high-quality elevators strictly follow national standards and regulations, taking into account the special circumstances of home use.
  2. Installation: The installation process of the elevator needs to be carried out by a professional installation team in strict accordance with the installation specifications to ensure the operational stability and safety of the elevator.
  3. Maintenance and inspection: Elevators require regular maintenance and inspection, including cleaning, lubrication and replacement of parts. Regular inspections can detect and repair potential problems in time to prevent safety accidents.
  4. Usage: Correct usage is crucial to the safety of the elevator. Users should understand the basic operation and safety precautions of the elevator and avoid wrong operating behaviors, such as overloading, using inappropriate size and weight, etc.
  5. Safety equipment: Elevators should be emergency stops or manual lifting down devices,so that users can quicklyfind a solution in the event of an emergency.

In general, home elevators are relatively safe equipment as long as they are of good quality, professionally installed, properly maintained, used correctly, and equipped with appropriate rescue devices. However, any equipment can malfunction, so basic emergency rescue knowledge is also necessary. When choosing a home elevator, it is recommended to choose a reputable brand and pay attention to its quality and safety performance. At the same time, be sure to comply with relevant safety regulations and operating procedures during use.

Vertical lifts take up less floor space, can be configured to meet building codes, and come in cost effective options.

Standard dimensions for home elevators often vary depending on the specific circumstances and needs of the home. For villa elevators, the design is generally based on the specific house structure, modification size and load. In short, the standard size of a home elevator should be determined based on the actual needs of the family and the conditions of the house.

In conclusion, cargo lifts are essential tools for efficient and safe vertical transportation of goods within industrial and commercial settings. Hydraulic lifts, traction lifts, and pneumatic lifts are the primary types available, each offering unique advantages based on load capacity, operation, and application. Consider the main specifications, pricing considerations, and structural features when selecting a cargo lift that best meets your specific needs.

Customize Your Home Lift Solutions

There are three basic details that will help you get a home lift solution

Lifting Height

Platform Size

Load Capacity

WIZ lift will provide you the best suitable lifting solution.

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