Ms Quy is working in one big elevator trading company in Vietnam. We know each other since April.2021. Their company bought one 2100mm high 250kg aluminum alloy wheelchair lift in 2021. They like our wheelchair lift machine very much, and highly satisfied with our quality and service. This is second time for them to purchase disabled lift from our company. This stainless steel wheelchair lift working is very excellent.

This project is installed outdoor of one very big shopping mall in Thailand. We have been discussed this project for almost six months. Miss Quy confirmed this order and arranged 30% deposit to us on December 2022. Generally, the production time of wheelchair lift is 25 working days after we received customer payment. Finally, Miss Quy received the goods on Fed 2023.


Here is main information of this stainless steel disabled lift

  1. Model: HL0.25-4.8
  2. Lifting height: 4800mm
  3. Platform size: W950*D1350mm
  4. Load capacity: 250kg
  5. Landing door: one pcs, height 1100mm manual door, fixed on second floor
  6. In and out direction: 180°front and back two sides
  7. Voltage: 220v, 50hz, single, same as China
  8. Whole machine material :304 stainless steel. Due to the machine will be installed outdoor, so customer better like stainless steel material, waterproof.
  9. Safety device:
  • Safety Sensor : The lift will be stopped immediately if the safety edge meets obstacles when going down.
  • Emergency Stop : The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency.
  • Emergency Lowering :  The platform can be lowered by manual down button in case of power failure.
  • Safety interlock:  The lift won’t work if the door is open, it can only rise when the door is completely closed.
  • Platform lock : Lock the platform in case of any mis-operation by the children or strangers.

Here is final drawing we confirmed with Ms Quy

This is wheelchair lift install site photos. This place have three side walls, site available space is W1500*D2190mm, without pit.

Ms Quy company have a very professional installation team. They installed and tested the machine in only one day. Another main reason is the main parts of our disabled lift are assembled well before delivery, customer just need to connect the guide rails by setscrew is enough. Here is the whole installation procedure photos.


Here we share some beautiful stainless steel wheelchair lift photos with you. WIZ lifts factory is a very professional manufacturer of hydraulic lift platform for more than 20 years. We can provide aluminum alloy material and stainless steel material wheelchair lift for your choice. Also, platform size, lifting height, voltage etc all can be custom made according to your actual requirement.

 If you have any interest, welcome to contact us by email ( or whatsapp (0086-18661336680)