How to install a hydraulic lifting freight elevator in Philippines?

In the past few years,WIZ LIFT has served more than 100 projects for Philippine elevator lift traders and individuals. These cargo lifts are installed in MANILA, CEBU, DAVAO etc, and widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, mines, etc.

The cargo lift can be customized according to the customer’s site. The guide rail type lift freight elevator has a high safety factor and a large carrying capacity, which can reach 30Ton. The operation is simple, which greatly saves labor costs and realizes the convenient and quick transportation of goods.Please see the cargo lift video.It shows how the cargo lift working at site.

Cargo Lift Shows:

Now we would like to share a freight elevator case study of a double-row rail lift freight elevator designed for Mr. Frank Llemos’s factory.This hydraulic goods lifting elevator is installed in the warehouse,and to delivery the goods from ground to second floor.Please see the goods lift design steps as follows:

1.Customer background

On December,2021,we received an cargo lift inquiry from Mr. Frank Llemos.He got our contact from his friend who works in a mall.There is a WIZ brand cargo lift in their warehouse,and this freight elevator has used for more than 5 years there,and still works steady and safely now.So,he also wants to get a cargo lift to save the labor cost and improve improve work efficiency.

2.Cargo lift free design according to the work site.

  • Cargo lift loading capacity
  • Lifting height
  • Platform size

And other requirements,we provided him an drawing and 3D design within 24hours.

3.Cargo lift production and delivery.

We provide the cargo lift with competitive price,and Mr. Frank Llemos’s is also satisified with our service and professional design.After details confirmed,like pit, safety enclosure,local voltage,we start the goods lift production.And guarantee delivery time within 30days.

4.Quality control.

All the freight elevator produced by WIZ LIFT,China.Are all with CE certificate.Our goods lift department will arrange inspection before shipment.

TOP Advantages:

Cargo lift taiple safety protection against falling

  • Balance and fall arrest wire rope
  • Leveling device
  • Overload protection valve

5.Cargo Lift Pictures.

If you have any cargo lift projects in Philippines,just contact us.We would like to provide more information for your reference.