Cabin Home Lift installed in Korea

Customer’s Background

On April 18, 2022 we received an inquiry from LH for a hydraulic wheelchair lift. As a Korean elevator maintenance and sales service provider, they need to provide a hydraulic cabin wheelchair home elevator to an end customer.

Customer’s Requirements Details

The main requirements of end users for home elevators installed in villas are as follows:

Two stops home lift

  • Use location: outdoor 
  • Home elevator Lifting height: 3.5 meters
  • Elevator load capacity: 250kg.
  • Elevator table size: Depth 1100*Wide 1450mm 
  • Korea voltage 220V /50HZ/1P
  • In and out direction 90°Front&Left.
  • Other requirements: ramp

Home Lift Design -CAD drawings

According to customer requirements, we provide CAD drawings of cabin wheelchair elevators,please see the home lift design a follows:

Home Elevator Customization Service

  1. As a professional home hydraulic lift platform manufacturer, we provide several styles of cabindoors, and customers find the door that suits them and is very satisfied.
  2. Electromagnetic lock: Considering the safety of the elevator in operation, we have added an electromagnetic lock to the elevator. In this way, when the door is open, the elevator does not run. When the elevator is going up and down, the elevator door cannot be opened. Even if the elderly and children use it, there will be no safety hazard.

Home Lift Installation Pictures Show-Ground floor,Second Floor

Customer Feedback

The elevators we produce meet the CE standard, and the customers are very satisfied with the operation of the lift and the installation service, and provided us with feedback videos. Dear all,please check it out!

Please watch the home lift working video

If you have any questions about home elevators, please feel free to contact us for consultation and communication. Let’s learn together and work hard to service more families who need to overcome the steps barriers in the future.