Two Post Car Parking Lift installed at Bangladesh

What is a two post parking lift platform?


As the name suggests, it is a two-pillar parking device, also known as a double-pillar three-dimensional garage. There are two uprights next to it and a car carrier platform in the middle.

2.7ton two post car parking lift drawing,you can also see the car parking lift dimensions and loading capacity very well.


What are the application areas of two-post parking system?

Simple lift-type parking equipment can be set independently or in multiple sets according to needs and site conditions. It is convenient and fast to operate, reliable in performance, space-saving, and highly scalable. The more parking, the more economical and space-saving it is. Occupy – one space, with two parking spaces, saving land area and making full use of space. It has a variety of uses such as commercial and household use; it is a car parking lift with a high market share. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for homes, villas, residential properties, hotels, hotels and other places, and can be used indoors and outdoors.


Two Post Car Parking Lift installed in Bangladesh.

Customer’s two post car parking lift project site picture in Bangladesh:


Our Bangladeshi customer, Mr. E. R., was very confident in the quality of our parking equipment after understanding the market. After confirming the car parking lift design drawings, the order was soon confirmed. At the same time, in order to support customers, we are willing to offer letter of credit as a payment method. Therefore, as a professional lifting equipment supplier, you can purchase the lifting platform through the payment method of the letter of credit.

For the special needs of customers, we also provide other solutions for the car parking lift.

1. Regarding the motor of the car parking equipment.

In order to better provide follow-up maintenance services, we chose Bucher motor as the accessories for the parking equipment. Frankly speaking, very few parking equipment suppliers in China can do this.

2. Color customization of two-post parking equipment

Each customer has their own needs for the color of their own car lifting platform equipment. We can customize according to customer requirements. Ultimately, the client chose black as the color for the car parking lift.

3. Control buttons

For their own car parking lift equipment, buyers opted for a push-to-lift button instead of a key lift.

In order to better understand our machines, we would like to share some production pictures and test videos of the parking equipment before leaving the factory.

Packaging and delivery pictures of parking equipment:


After the customer received our car parking equipment, according to the installation video we provided, the installation was completed quickly(So the car parking lift system installation is very easy.). Very satisfied with the quality of the lifting platform, and provided some feedback pictures and videos.



If you have any new ideas or needs for auto car parking equipment, you can contact us at any time. As a professional lifting platform factory in China, we are happy to discuss with you.And also like to provide you car parking lift price for your reference.