How to customize the mobile dock ramp according to the work sites?

What is the dock ramp?

The mobile dock ramp also called mobile dock leveler,loading dock ramp,hydraulic container loading dock ramp lift.

The mobile hydraulic dock ramp is a transition bridge used for forklifts to travel from the ground to the carriages when loading and unloading trucks. Its mobility can satisfy loading and unloading operations in different work sites. The load-bearing beam made of high manganese steel rectangular tube has high rigidity. The slope is made of toothed steel grating with anti-skid properties. The material of the fuselage has been shot blasted and rust removed, and a manual pump is used as the lifting power, which does not require an external power supply, which is convenient for outdoor use.

The mobile dock ramp is a mobile steel structure slope. The loading and unloading forklift can directly drive into the truck compartment for batch loading and unloading operations, which solves the problem that the forklift or manpower cannot directly load and unload due to the height difference between the truck compartment and the ground.

Features of mobile dock ramp:

  1. The power is divided into manual and electro-hydraulic, the voltage of the electric pump station is usually 220 (can be customized according to customer needs);
  2. The equipment loadcapacityis from 4 tons to 15 tons, and the height adjustment range is 0.80-1.70 meters
  3. The forklift loading ramp realizes safe and fast loading and unloading of goods, which doubles the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, and is suitable for trailers, semi-trailers, freight platforms and other logistics links;
  4. It is irreplaceable to provide convenience for various enterprises to load containers and terminal operations;
  5. Transfer to the working position at any time, which is simple, convenient, time-saving, labor-saving, and greatly saves logistics costs;

Structural advantages of hydraulic loading ramp

  1.Height-adjustable support base to prevent the vehicle from tipping over. It is supported on the rear frame of the vehicle to prevent the forklift from overturning when the gravity is concentrated on the rear of the vehicle when the forklift enters the vehicle.

2.The slope surface of the dock ramp adopts high-strength toothed steel grating, which has anti-skid performance, so that the forklift has better climbing ability and maneuverability. Even in rainy and snowy weather, it can still guarantee normal operation.

3.The randomly configured brake pads can effectively prevent the dock ramp from slipping and moving when the forklift is walking on the container dock ramp.

4.The manual hydraulic pump is used as the power, and the height adjustment of the dock ramp can be easily realized without external power supply. At the same time, according to customer needs, optional DC power supply for lifting power.

5.The adjustable length chain is used to hook the vehicle, so that when the dock leveler is displaced by the truck, the dock ramp and the truck will not be disengaged.

How to customize the mobile dock ramp according to the work scene?

Take William, our Canadian client, for example.

William was introduced by another customer of our company, Carter, who purchased a rail guide cargo lift three years ago, mainly for lifting mechanical parts. Since the cargo lift worked well for the past three years, we were introduced to William.

So how to choose a sturdy and durable mobile container dock ramp?

First, William was telling us about his work scene and the specific requirements for the dock ramp.

Secondly, as a professional manufacturer of mobile dock ramp, our technical department has specially drawn drawings.

Finally, after all aspects were determined, William decided to purchase two adjustable loading dock ramps from our factory. In the production process, strict quality control is required, and after completion, multiple tests are required before delivery.

We’d like to share some delivery pictures for your reference:

If you also have needs or questions about dock ramp,welcome contact us at any time. We are happy to share and learn more projects with you all.