What is the size of dock leveler ?

The stationary forklift container hydraulic dock leveler is an auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading together with the storage platform. Dock ramp is integrated with the platform. Container ramp can be adjusted up or down according to the different heights of the truck compartment, which is convenient for forklifts to drive into the compartment. The container ramp adopts imported hydraulic pump station.Except that,there are anti-rolling skirts on both sides.This kind of dock ramp is more safer and the work efficiency is also improved greatly.

This fixed dock ramp was exported to South American.Or order to help you know more about this lifting equipment,we’d like to share the  dock ramp standard main specifications as follows:
Load capacity: 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons
Table size (mm) : 2000*2000 / 2500*2000
Lip size (mm) : 400.
Stroke(mm) : +400-300.
Motor power (kw) : 0.75.
Closed height (mm): 600

Pit size L*W*H (mm) : 2060*2060*610 / 2560*2060*610

If you want to know the dock ramp structure in details,kindly check the drawing for your reference.

Advantage of hydraulic forklift dock ramp
A. The electro-hydraulic height of dock leveler can be adjusted arbitrarily, which improves the loading and unloading efficiency of the hydraulic container dock ramp. It adopts full hydraulic drive, which is easy to operate and reliable in operation.
B. The lip plate and the platform are connected by a full-length shaft, which has high strength and good reliability.
C. Imported integral hydraulic station is adopted, which has good sealing performance and long service life
D. The high-strength U-beam design can ensure long-term operation under high load without deformation.
E. The non-slip template is adopted to make the platform have good anti-slip performance.
F. On both sides of the apron board, to prevent the toes from entering the platform and causing accidental injury.
G. Support personnel should be provided for maintenance of maintenance personnel.
H. High electro-hydraulic efficiency, easy operation, adjustable height, wide adjustment range, high loading and unloading efficiency, saving manpower. Make your work more convenient, labor-saving and cost-saving.
J. The platform lap plate is always attached to the carriage so that moving vehicles will be covered with flat ground.

K. In addition to the standard size rubber bumper pads, different sizes of bumper pads are also available for safe parking.

The main material of container dock ramp is steel plate. The quality of different steel plates determines its price. If the quality of the steel plate is better, it will take a long time to use.

As well, for the fixed dock leveler,or we can call it as platform forklift ramp, loading and unloading platform,there are many applications including:

Enterprises, warehousing, stations,wharf, warehousing & logistics base, postal transportation, logistics and other units cargo loading and unloading.

If you want to improve your work efficiency,we recommend to consider this kind of dock ramp.It would be helpful for the users to save a lot of time and labor cost.