What are the anti-shock safety measures during the production of hydraulic lift platforms?

What are the anti-shock safety measures during the production of hydraulic lift platforms?

Mobile lift platform is an important operating machinery and equipment in modern high-altitude operations.

Pay attention to safety in welding production of lifts. Today, take you to understand the safety measures of the lifting machine.

(1) The production staff of the lift platform must hold a certificate, and no witnesses must be welded and cut.

(2) The welding and cutting equipment of the lifting platform should have a good isolation and protection device, and have an independent electrical control box.

(3) The shell of the welding and cutting equipment and the shell of the electrical control box shall be equipped with a protective connection device.

(4) When replacing the welding and cutting equipment connection or replacing the welding part, replace the secondary circuit, transfer the workplace, and replace the fuse or welding cutting equipment. The power must be cut off.

(5) Welders must wear welders’ gloves when replacing electrodes or wires during the production process. Welders gloves should be dry and insulated and reliable. For welding operations for high -bellied voltage and welding voltage or wet environment, welders should use insulation rubber pads to ensure the insulation of the body and welding parts. Especially during the summer work, the clothes are wet after sweating, and the body does not allow contact with the welded parts and the workbench.

(6) When welding in a metal container or narrow workplace, a special protective device must be used. Such as the insulation rubber pads, insulation shoes, insulation gloves, etc., to ensure the insulation between the welded body and the charger.

(7) When working in a dark environment with insufficient light, handheld lighting must be used. Generally speaking, the lighting voltage should not exceed 36V. In humid, metal containers, and other dangerous environments, the lighting voltage should not exceed 12V.

(8) When welding and cutting lifts, we should not wear shoes or cloth shoes with nails. The insulating gloves should not be less than 300mm. The production materials should be soft leather or canvas.