What parameters do you need to know when customizing a freight elevator?

When customers need a multi-floor freight elevator, they often need to customize some equipment, because it is very difficult to rely solely on manual handling, so customizing the freight elevator is also a prerequisite for transporting goods. How to customize the freight elevator? What should we know before customizing? The following elevator manufacturer-WIZ LIFT will give you some suggestions, hoping to be helpful to customers who customize hydraulic elevators!

What parameters do you need to know when customizing a freight elevator?guide rail cargo lift

1. We need to understand the load capacity. When customizing the lift, there will be a rated load capacity. Customers can choose according to the load of their own cargo, such as 500kg/1000kg/2000kg and other specifications. The maximum load capacity of the lift can reach 30 tons.

2. The lifting height of the elevator, which also refers to the stroke of the equipment, is the distance from the plane that needs to be lifted to the middle of the platform where it stops. What some customers tend to confuse is how to calculate the height from the first floor to the second floor. This refers to the height from the ground of the first floor to the ground of the second floor.

3. The size of the cargo platform should also be carefully calculated. Generally, the size of the upper and lower elevators should be calculated. What needs to be reminded is that the platform of the elevator should be larger to facilitate the transportation of goods, and it cannot be used because it is too small. If the guide rail type elevator needs to be installed in the shaft, the size of the shaft needs to be considered when designing the lift table.

4. To consider the direction of entry and exit, the position of the door opening is very important, which directly affects the installation direction of the guide rail lift.

Regarding the parameters that you need to know about custom-made lifts, the freight lift manufacturer – WIZ LIFT will introduce you here, and I hope it will be helpful to you.